6 creative uses of a shoe box

6 creative uses of a shoe box

A shoe box doesn’t seem to have a long life in a home, moreover if it’s empty and occupies the space in vain. But it is not so useless as it seems at first glance. It is actually an object that can be very useful in a house, especially the storage chapter. Here are 8 innovative ways in which you can use a shoe box!

A shoe box can be transformed …
1. … in a wall rack. All you have to do is give them an interesting aspect. You can use a spray to paint both interior and exterior, or paste in it paper  with different prints. Pin it against the wall, then choose items that will decorate the interior. Do not put too heavy items, just opt for some small light ones.
2. … in an art work.  Surprisingly or not, a simple shoe box can become  a piece of attraction of your home. Why invest money in expensive paintings, when you can hang on the walls a shoe box in a retro interpretation? You can leave boxes as they are or cut them and form a square, then wrap it in gift paper. Fix them on the wall near the bed or in the living room.

3. … In support for candles. Another unique method to use an old shoe box is to use it as a support item with feng shui influences. To give it a more interesting look, wrap it in a piece of an old sweater. The obtained arrangement will enchant you, but you must be careful not to keep lighted candles in it unless supervised.
4. … in a picnic basket. Maybe this project will seem difficult at first, but, as you move forward in creating i, you realize that it is not complicated. Choose a shoe box and “dress it” in a  printed fabric. Then, add two ribbons for support, sticking them so  they can  ca be handheld.

5. … into new toys. Have you ever thought to use a shoe box to bake a toy pizza or to make a bed for dolls or for a mini soccer court? Well, now you have the necessary inspiration to make such projects DIY (do it yourself). The kids will be excited to enrich their collection of toys,  giving them some unique toys that their friends do not have.

6. …into a  bedside table. What do you do when you do not have a piece of furniture near the bed, on which you can put the lamp or your favorite book? … Improvise one from a shoe box or more. For example, you can use three so your bedside table to be higher. Cut the last one inside, so you can store various, personal items in it.

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6 creative uses of a shoe box