6 ideas for cosmetic boxes: clever storage tricks

6 ideas for cosmetic boxes: clever storage tricks

We are so happy when we go and buy makeup products, but we completely forget that we have nowhere to store it. Some cosmetic boxes miracle to come and go when we need them, would be more than useful. Unfortunately, that doesn’t  really exist in commerce, but you can learn a few tricks of organization to help you keep your makeup all right.

Transform empty shoes boxes in cosmetic boxes

Don’t underestimate a shoe box, considering that  can easily turn into both a gift box or a place for storing cosmetics. For a more interesting appearance  “dress” the box in gift paper. A model with vintage design will give your bedroom a chic air. For a complete organization, enter several shoe boxes inside a rack. Put the products you use most often at your fingertips, and leave the ones you use less often further back.

Trays of food can become better organized boxes of cosmetics

Perhaps it seems strange to  deposit cosmetics in containers, but you will notice that these boxes are extremely useful when you have to reach other solutions organization. To be easier when you search certain products, opt for some  transparent casseroles. Unless you have some on hand, consider sticking labels on them.

Cup packages may take the form of wonderful boxes for cosmetics
When you get a mug or a tea in a special box, be prepared to conceive a new storage space for your makeup products. For example, you can keep in it makeup brushes, lipsticks or foundations.

Old suitcases can be transformed in some original boxes for cosmetics

Old things can sometimes be more useful than you think. Therefore, it would not hurt to take a look through them when you notice that your cosmetic shelves require  renovation. Let your creativity free and create some boxes for cosmetics as you have seen only in movies.

Spaces for storing jewelry

Who said that jewelry boxes can’t be used as cosmetic boxes? If you find some interesting and roomy objects use them to arrange the makeup products. Sort your makeup and lipstick by color and size to make it easier to find them.

Picnic baskets or boxes

Do you by chance have a box or a picnic basket around the house? It’s such a pity not to use such an object, storing it until someday you eat in the park.  Believe us when we tell you that your world will be more useful if you turn it into a beautiful box for cosmetics. Personalize by your needs by removing or adding certain areas.

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6 ideas for cosmetic boxes clever storage tricks