DIY: 5 homemade cleaning solutions

DIY: 5 homemade cleaning solutions

Anyone wants a clean house, but clean today means more than no dirt and mud. It also means no chemicals or potentially toxicity. “Clean” your cleaning actions by eliminating toxic and commercial products in favor of homemade products. Here are top 4 homemade cleaning solutions, easy to make, cheap and effective.

Stain removal solution
To achieve a bleach mix half a cup of lemon juice with a liter of hot water. This natural solution will whiten the clothes very well and successfully remove all the stains.
Another homemade product that removes difficult stains and you would never have thought about it is baby powder. Apply the powder directly on the stain and you’ll notice how it disappears.
To remove perspiration stains you can mix 2 crushed aspirins with 1/2 cup of warm water. Let the clothing stay in this natural preparation for a few hours or until you notice that the yellow traces have disappeared, then you can wash it normally.
Natural fabric softener
A first alternative is vinegar. Laundry remains soft and smooth and does not remain full of chemicals.
The second method consists in throwing a ball of aluminum foil through clothes. Aluminum withstand heat so you can use this ball up to 6 months. This ball will leave clothes soft and anti-static.

Anti-mold solution
All you have to do is to mix in a spray, or in any other container some water with a little lemon juice and lavender oil. The lavender oil smells really nice and relaxes.

Solutions for the kitchen and bath cleaning
All of these natural products are based on sodium bicarbonate. To clean the bathtub, sink and the toilet seat you can use 4 tablespoons of baking soda with higher salt. If you fear that you will scratch, choose a finer salt.
You can combine baking soda and vinegar (or lemon juice). Put this mixture on a cloth and then start to clean. Finally you can add different essential oils. I recommend eucalyptus oil, used in infusions for colds operable to unclog a stuffy nose or the lavender.
After you make yourself a lemonade don’t throw the lemon peels, use them to make the sink shiner. If you add over these shells salt or baking soda, you will obtain a disinfectant.

Natural air freshener
To replace the toxic air fresheners and candles , you can mix in a spray water with essential oils. Depending on the desired intensity you can choose the amount of oil.

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DIY 5 homemade cleaning solutions