Homemade anti-static spray

Homemade anti-static spray

Dusting is often a frustrating task. Sometimes dusting gets on your nerves, turning to be an unnecessarily task due to its efficiency. Cleaning solutions that you find in stores are full of chemicals and often do not wipe dust, leaving traces on the surface of furniture. In addition, they are harmful for our health, especially for those with allergies, children or even pets.

You can replace the chemicals with a natural solution to clean dust, inexpensive and that will not harm the health and your furniture will shine of cleaning.
Here’s what you need:
– 3 parts water
– Half a teaspoon of mild liquid detergent
– One part vinegar
– Half a tablespoon of olive oil
– 10-20 drops of essential oil (optional)

Mix the water the detergent and vinegar in a large glass. Vinegar works well together with the detergent to clean dust without damaging the furniture.
Then add olive oil and if you want extra flavor, put 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. The solution will have a discreet perfume, which will freshen the room after you have wiped the dust.
Pour this natural cleaning solution in a spray bottle and use it whenever you wipe the dust. Shake well! Use a microfiber cloth for best results.

Anti-static solution for car and synthetic carpets
If you want to keep the dust out of the synthetic carpets, all you need is a simple mixture made of ingredients that every man has in his house.
Mix 500 ml of tap water with 150 ml (half a cup) of fabric softener (if you don’t want an odor for your carpets, you can use a sensitive fabric softener without perfume).
Sprayed onto the surface that attracts dust and electrifies often and you will notice an immediate change.
Static solution is suitable for car seats and benches, which are easier to clean from dust and no longer electrifies the cloths on long roads.

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Homemade anti-static spray