Household uses for aspirin

Household uses for aspirin

Did you know that aspirin, besides the fact that removes the headache can help in other situations that seem hopeless? Here are several ways that these pills will make your life easier and get you out of trouble when nothing seems to work.

Cleans yellow underarm stains
Crush two aspirin pills and mix the powder with a little hot water, then wipe this solution on the sweat stains which appear on white clothing. It is better to soak in the aspirin solution the stained areas before washing the clothes.

Removes egg stains
If you have clothes stained with raw egg yolk, an aspirin dissolved in a little warm water will remove stains with this solution.

Saves car battery
If the battery is dead and you can’t start the car, add 2 pills of aspirin in the sulfuric acid of the battery and you will be able to drive the vehicle until the first service.

Refresh flowers
Maybe you already know that the noble roses last longer in a vase, if you add aspirin in water. Acetylsalicylic acid, in the name of science, refreshes every flower and helps them to stay longer in bloom.

You can get rid of calluses
Dissolve some aspirin tablets in a small amount of hot water and add some lemon juice to get a smooth paste. Stretch the paste on the toes and foot and wrap them in a warm towel, then in a plastic bag. After about an hour, corns are well soaked, so you can remove it with a pumice stone.

Help plants in the garden
Dissolve 2, 3 pills of aspirin in 5 liters of water and wet the vegetables or flowers from your garden during summer. Aspirin helps the roots to grow stronger.

Preservative for pickles
Add one aspirin per liter of brine for pickles. Aspirin acts as a preservative and prevents fermentation of vegetables placed in a jar.

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Household uses for aspirin