How to clean a stained bathtub

How to clean a stained bathtub

The stains present on the surface of the bathtub can be very simply removed, using ingredients from your home. Here they are:

Baking soda
The old stains present on the tub can be easily removed  with sodium bicarbonate. Mix one part of baking soda with one part of hydrogen peroxide and apply this solution on the tub. Leave it for 40 minutes, then wipe it with a soft cloth.
If the entire tub is stained, you should add a larger amount of solution into a tube with a sprayer and then dispersed it all over the bathtub. Finally, rinse the tub with warm water.

Fill the tub with hot water and add 3 liters of vinegar in it and four sachets of baking soda. Wait for 3-4 hours, then let the water drain and thoroughly wipe it with a sponge soaked in dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent. See how the tub it will be cleaner and whiter than ever. In addition, vinegar disinfects, and in those few hours it will be perfectly clean and disinfected.
You  can also spray large amounts of vinegar on the surface of the tub wait 5 minutes and then wipe it with a cloth and  rinse with water warm.

Although chlorine is slightly stronger than the first two variants, it is good to know that it removes  stronger stains, which can’t be easily removed. Put the lid on the tub drain and  easily pour chlorine directly from the bottle on the tub walls and leave it on for 40 minutes.Put on a pair of gloves and wipe with a slightly abrasive sponge bath, then let the solution act 10 minutes. Finally rinse the tub with hot water.
Careful! When using chlorine, it is better to open the window (if it is) or  the door  because the solution is toxic and can cause irritation to the respiratory system.

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How to clean a stained bathtub