How to clean and recondition a leather jacket

How to clean and recondition a leather jacket

In spring, leather garments become one of the most useful items of clothing from your closet. Only if you wear them for several years, you must care them carefully, because the fabric  is very demanding. Here is what to use and what not to use when it comes to cleaning and reconditioning a leather jacket.

Do not use chemical cleaning products
Leather jackets can catch the odor, may be stained and dirty, but may even mold in the closet, if are not properly stored.
If you want to clean a leather jacket properly, do not use any handy detergent as natural leather material is quite demanding.
A baby shampoo or a  solution made of mild soap and water  may be more indicated than dry cleaning, especially if the leather is smooth, calf or other  kind of leather which is cleaning pretentious.
Check the label
Most leather jackets have a label that will tell you what you are and what you are not allowed to use  for cleaning. Follow the instructions closely and do not simply throw an expensive leather jacket in the washing machine. Dark leather should be buffed with a soft cloth moistened in warm water and ammonia. Even the inside of an orange peel can be useful for leather cleaner.

Suede clothes are cleaned with chalk. Gently rub  the stain with an ordinary white chalk and then with a brush.

Use a soft cloth:
√ stains on light-colored leathers can be removed with a cloth soaked in alcohol or beer.
√ white clothes are cleaned with warm water using a soft cloth and a  very white soap. Then thoroughly wash the cloth and wipe the clothes again.
√ To brightens an old cloth use a brush moistened in a solution prepared from baking soda dissolved in a glass of milk.

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How to clean and recondition a leather jacket