How to clean burnt pans with only 2 ingredients

How to clean burnt pans with only 2 ingredients

The tastiest foods require great sacrifices in the kitchen. Not only that you spend hours standing, but in the end you will notice that the pots and the pans look like it were saved from a fire. What do you have to do to get rid of headaches and have clean dishes? Below  we present you a trick to clean the pan with only two ingredients. It’s about baking soda and white vinegar.

What do you need?
-A Cup of water
-A Cup of white vinegar
-2 Teaspoons baking soda

What should you do?

Step 1:
Put the pan on the stove and pour a cup of water, enough to cover the entire bottom surface.

Step 2:
Add white vinegar and let it heat until it begins to sizzle.

Step 3:
Take the pan off the stove eye and add two teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate. Leave the composition to act for 15 minutes.

Step 4:
Empty the pan.

Step 5:
Take a sponge dish with one side abrasive and slightly remove the burnt surface  of the pan.
You will see that all traces of burning will become history and the pan can be reused for another recipes.

Other  housekeeping tricks:

Clean stains from a glass with white vinegar! Spray a little vinegar on the glass and then wipe it with a paper and you will see no  fingerprints and how you can serve your guests impeccable.

Remove the  oil from the stove … with oil! If the stove looks disastrously  after you fried eggs and bacon for breakfast learned this little trick: Sprinkle a few drops of vegetable oil on the stove and wipe with a paper towel. The dirt will disappear like magic!

The grease and the dirt from pyrex dish can be simply removed with a  “snowball” made of aluminum foil dipped in soapy water.

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How to clean burnt pans with only 2 ingredients