How to clean your bathroom in 20 minutes

How to clean your bathroom in 20 minutes

Start by applying using a sprayer, watered vinegar on the batteries of the sink and on the tub or shower, and on the tile also. Let it all out for 10 minutes so that the solution act. It will help dissolve limestone. In addition, pour in the toilet and on its walls chlorine or the disinfectant solution that you use regularly.

If you have a shower cabin, divides its surface into three zones. Spray the solution above on oneĀ  surface let it act 5 minutes and then spray on the other areas. Go back to the first zone and then wipe it with a damp cloth, then do the same with the remaining area. Finally, use a different cloth, this timeĀ  to dry the surfaces.

After you have finished cleaning the shower, you can return to the batteries and tile, wiping them all with a damp cloth. To give them shine, use a piece of dry cloth. To finish cleaning the toilet, use the brush after the disinfectants acted so you do not have to spend time trying to clean.
Once you have checked all these, you can go to the last step of cleaning the bathroom: mop the tiles and let it dry, while you continue your work in other rooms of the house.

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How to clean your bathroom in 20 minutes