How to dust the TV Efficiently

How to dust the TV Efficiently

The most inventive housewives  have found the perfect solution  not to spend so much time doing the cleaning. They generously shared with us  virtually the most useful tips and tricks that can be implemented in many households. So if the dust on the TV or other appliances gives you headaches, a simple way to get rid of it is using the filter paper. Forget  about those anti-static spray, microfiber cloths that need systematically wash.
Simply, the paper bag will remove the dirt from the device and you do not need to do anything after that. Dust does not forgive anything in a dwelling and  lampshades and chandeliers  require special attention, especially if they are made of fabric or paper. A simple trick is to clean them with a lint roller. With exactly the same roll that you use on cloths, wipe the surfaces and you’ll see how quickly the dirt disappears.

Bread crumb helps you to get rid of shattered  glass

If you shattered a glass or a dish, you can gather the pieces using bread crumb. Wipe with a slice of bread the surface where the glass broke and you’ll notice that the smallest pieces of glass “stick” in the middle of it, disappearing like magic from the floor.

Ammonia get you rid of the grease from the stove

An equally simple to get rid of the fat that is deposited on the cooker hotplates and saves without rubbing is using ammonia.
All you have to do is put the hotplates in a vacuum bag, where you have sprinkled a little dust of ammonia. Let it stand overnight, and after 24 hours with no exercise, the caps stove will be clean and shinny like the new ones.

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How to dust the TV Efficiently