How to fix scratched furniture

How to fix scratched furniture

Over time, the extensively used furniture  scratches, fades and takes an old appearance. Wooden table coffee is no exception and is daily exposed to the risk of staining and scratching. But before resorting to professional help or to throw the piece of furniture, try to cover scratches yourself.

Here are some simple tricks that can repair the scratched furniture.
Superficial scratches
If furniture or the flooring are just slightly scratched and the lines are not deep in the wood fiber, a solution made of olive oil and lemon juice will do wonders.
If the furniture scratch is deep
If the wood has been damaged in depth, you need something to fill the hole, then even out the color.
The best natural remedy is to rub the scratch with a core of almond, walnut or a waxy pencil or eyeliner.
If the wood color is much darker, you should try to color the surface with black tea bags, coffee grinder or coffee grounds.
And shoe cream can also be a solution to an ugly scratch on your lacquered wooden table inherited from grandma, or on a shelf in the living room.

Repair the wood scratches with iodine
First aid for a scratched table is similar to an ordinary accident: dabbing iodine. Soak a cotton swab in a little iodine and apply it to the problem area. Then wipe away the excess iodine with a clean towel, and make sure you don’t splash it on the rest of your table surface.

Fill the scratches with ground nuts
For scratches in wooden table you can use ground nuts, which should be applied on the problem areas with a kitchen towel. Oil nuts will fill in the blanks and will smooth the surface of furniture.

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How to fix scratched furniture