How to properly clean mattress

How to properly clean mattress

Bed mattress cleaning is recommended to do at least twice a year as washing and changing the litter is not enough. The smell and the dust penetrate deep the mattress materials making  it an unhygienic environment for sleeping.

The vacuum removes dust from mattress

Before you get to wash a mattress and to remove any stains from the fibers must get rid of dust and of fine particles of food waste (yes, we know you’re crunching chips  at movies and ate biscuits to soap opera), odor, smoke , etc.Well vacuum the mattress, if it’s possible on both sides to get rid of all the dust and fine particles that can cause allergies.

Get rid of the stains on mattress
If the mattress was stained with blood or urine, you need an organic detergent to break down the proteins, meaning the uric acid from the fabric.Do not use hot water to remove organic stains because high temperature can cause the stain to enter more deeply into the fabric.Mix one part of cold water with two parts of baking soda and dab the stain.
After rinsing the place well, allow it to dry well, or even use a hairdryer to make sure that no moisture remains in the mattress. Urine stains and odors can be  removed with baking soda, vinegar and water, but the surfaces can be cleaned also with detergent can be very useful.

Get rid of mildew stains
If your mattress was wet for too long got moldy and you have to let a few days to dry in the sun. You can speed up the process with an air heater or hairdryer, but take good care not to overheat the fabric.
Mix a small amount of alcohol  with warm water and use a sprayer to apply it over the surface. Allow it to dry thoroughly, then you can use a regular disinfectant like medicinal alcohol mixed with water.

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How to properly clean mattress