How to properly disinfect the toilet in 5 minutes

How to properly disinfect the toilet in 5 minutes

The house toilet  can be one of the dirtiest places in a home, especially when it is used by more than one person and is not disinfected in every 8 hours. Unfortunately,  the existing bacteria in the toilet bowl and its lid are not only in a large number, but it multiply up to 7 times in less than 12 hours.

Because there isn’t a very clean and fragrant place, you really need some gloves to clean the toilet. If you don’t use a special detergent for bathroom or a disinfect solution for the toilet, you can use any kind of detergent but you can also can replace the disinfectants with vinegar which acts against limestone deposited.

If you want to properly clean and remove the dirt from the toilet, it is best to start from the top down. Apply the cleaner with a sprayer and let it act for 1 minute.
If you use a homemade mixture, do not let it act more than 4 minutes, because this time is enough to soften the accumulated dirt and limestone on the edges.  Once you wipe thoroughly with a paper towel or cotton cloth the outer parts of the toilet (the toilet lid, toilet seat etc), use a toilet brush  to clean it inside. Rub well below the edges and flush several times to rinse well  the accumulations of dirt and bacteria.
Finally, spray the vinegar or a disinfectant and leave it for 1-10 minutes, then rub the edges with a small brush inside, u may  even use an old toothbrush. Limescale will fall and can flush to rinse everything.

For a fast cleaning
When you start cleaning it is recommended to flush once so that the inner surface to become wet and stick the detergent to act effectively. After you pour in the toilet detergent,  start to clean using special brush, insisting especially in the inner edges where there is  the most soiling and dirt, and most germs. After you have clean with the brush for about two minutes, you should flush and use chlorine.

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How to properly disinfect the toilet in 5 minutes