How to remove grease stains from bed sheets

How to remove grease stains from bed sheets

Sweat and fats that we produce in the body during sleep can leave marks on our bed sheets.. Most often we believe that by washing in automatic machine with conditioner, bleach, at 60 degrees, will solve the problem. But that’s not true. For a flawless cleaning here are little tricks that helps!

Here is what you need:
– Dishwasher – yes, ordinary dishwasher detergent that we keep on the sink in the kitchen. It dissolves fat.
– Sodium borate, a natural ingredient that help you get rid of odors and also whitens.
– Distilled white vinegar – is a natural fabric softener that neutralizes odors.

What  you have to do:
Add laundry detergent in that special box of the washing machine, you normally use for sheets. Cleaning temperature should be highest.

Put two three teaspoons of dish washer detergent directly onto clothes
Sprinkle about a quarter cup of sodium borate in the washing machine.

Put the sheets inside, then add a quarter of cup of white distilled vinegar. It should be put it in the softener box, inside the washing machine.

Choose a long washing program for heavily soiled laundry, who has a lengthy soaking program. You’ll see that when you take out the laundry it will be shinny as new and smell nice.

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How to remove grease stains from bed sheets