How to use vinegar to clean your house

How to use vinegar to clean your house

Did you know that the ordinary vinegar can help you get rid of the dirt in your house? Here are a few objects and places in the house that you can clean with vinegar.
Do you want your bathroom to shine cleaning? Put undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle, take a clean cloth or sponge and clean tile and sandstone. The active substances of vinegar destroy dirt, grease, soap scum and limescale deposits.

You can make a strong mixture of one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Add the mixture into a bowl filled with water and clean the joints between the tiles and tile, and other places where the dirt is persistent.

Shower door
Shower door is prone to limescale. If you want to clean it effectively, spray it with undiluted vinegar and clean it thoroughly with a clean sponge. Tub and sink can also be cleaned with vinegar.

Batteries of bathroom and kitchen sinks
Batteries of bathroom and kitchen sinks can be covered with a thick layer of limestone, especially at the base. Vinegar can clean the area, but for this you must place a cloth soaked in vinegar and leave there for an hour. Meanwhile, vinegar will attack deposition.

Doorknobs are full of bacteria and microbes. Spray vinegar on them, then wipe them with a dry cloth. Thus, you disinfect and clean them of dirt. Vinegar is effective for cleaning the door handles on the kitchen cabinets.

Microwave oven
In the microwave oven may remain traces of grease. Experts say you can simply clean it with vinegar. Fill a bowl with water and vinegar in equal amounts, place the bowl in the oven and turn it on for a few minutes. Vapors vinegar will soften the fat and will make it easy to clean.

You must admit that it happened at least once to have problems with your iron, specifically noting but dirty water or small particles of limestone. There are special solutions for cleaning the iron, but if you do not have them handy, you can use ordinary vinegar. In a container mix equal parts of water and vinegar, then pour the liquid in the iron tank. Wait for the iron to heat then prepare a clean cloth that you’re willing to sacrifice, and press the steam button until the complete liquid in the tank is eliminated.

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How to use vinegar to clean your house