Laundry bleaching solution

Laundry bleaching solution

Most people think increasingly more and more about the  exorbitant prices, the global chaos and the warnings regarding the health. Increasingly many things we use every day, started to be replaced with their natural version. For some certain chemicals there is a natural substitute.
Many of us have seen laundry detergents that contain optical brighteners which make our clothes look very clean. Most of bleach come from benzene, an  extremely dangerous compound. On the other hand, these chemicals do not break down and remain in the water where the clothes were washed and thus destroy the groundwater.

If you do not want to use simple and corrosive commercially products , and  other natural solutions do not fully satisfy you, there is an alternative for whiter and and brighter laundry.

Very very hot water
A cup of powdered laundry detergent
A cup of powdered dish washer detergent
A cup bleach or chlorine
½ cup of borax

Leave the laundry to soak in this mixture of solutions for as much time as possible from several hours to overnight for best results. If there are colored spots, the laundry has to be soaked in the solution for more than 3 hours, and if you just want a lighter shade, 3-4 hours are enough.
Wash your laundry normally after an easy rinse with lukewarm water. The  discolored laundry   can be washed with this mixture by hand or put in  automatic washing machine in a normal cycle, but don’t mix it with other laundries, because the residues of chlorine can discolor other garments.

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Laundry Bleaching Solution